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Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean ジャックスパロウ パイレーツオブカリビアン

he was asked to interview Johnny Depp himself as well as other actors from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” at the Japan premier 2017 as an official interviewer of the event for a national TV show. Moreover, he co-starred in an event held in China in the same year with Kevin McNally (a.k.a. “Joshamee Gibbs,” Captain Jack Sparrow’s partner from the movie) as well as other Hollywood actors. His magic performance on stage at this event was broadcasted for 5.5 million viewers on the internet.


He has performed his magic in events, parties, trade shows, restaurants, TV, and radio shows – both large and small. He is also an avid volunteer who continues his visits to perform regularly in hospitals and various institutions. Being trilingual (English, Chinese and Japanese), his performance can be enjoyed globally.


English (TOEIC≒900)

Mandarin (HSK 5th Level, Expat in Shanghai for 4 years)

Japanese (Native)

Tennis (Participated in the National Business Pal Cup)

Golf (Best score 78)

Piano, guitar, etc.



・TV Tokyo:Shin Shock Kan(As an interviewer for actor Johnny Depp)

・Fuji TV:AI-TV

​・Abema TV: Chidori Chance no Jikan

・POP Life FAN XPERIENCE(Co-starring with Kevin McNally a.k.a. Gibbs andother Hollywood actors)



・Tokyo International Film Festival Day presents “Pirates of the Caribbean” Blu-ray Launch Event

・Constantine the Emperor · Order of the Royal Family of St. Helena, Japan Banquet Ceremony (Stage Magic Performance for the Royal Order’s highest leader, Rafael, Prince Duke of Aswan of Cappadocia, Duke Michael, Japan Ambassador, Sir Lauren Quumhyatt J and 300 VIPs representing various countries)

・Stage Magic at the Halloween Party organized by Ritz-Carlton

· International schools, kindergartens, hospitals, various facilities

· Nagoya Matsuzakaya, Odakyu Department Store, Softbank Party, Japan Post Bank Party, Entertainment Expo (trade show), Touring Expo (trade show),

Beauty World Japan (trade show), Atsugi US military base party, various exhibitions, celeb private parties, cooperate, restaurant and bar events, etc.



Perform for big stage and close-up magic, kids to adult, any type of event.

Magic Shows







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